Mirimichi Green

Mirimichi Green develops effective, sustainable, bio-based products for growing professionals.

Mirimichi Green is an award-winning, premier developer of next-generation biotechnologies for soil amendments, bio-stimulants, liquid fertilizers, pesticides and agricultural products that are leading the charge in both sustainability and effectiveness.

Mirimichi Green is on a mission to develop products that meet professional standards for PRICE, PERFORMANCE, and SUSTAINABILITY.

When you incorporate Mirimichi Green products into your program, you join a cultural shift to work with nature to obtain better results at a greater value, while simultaneously being a better steward of the environment.

Mirimichi Green Product Technology

Mirimichi Green has developed effective, bio-based agronomic inputs through a combination of innovative sourcing, manufacturing technology, and strong national field testing.

Mirimichi Green offers products and services for businesses striving to be cost effective while being environmentally responsible. Our history is growing turf in poor soils. Our goal is to rebuild the soil and then curb the effort it takes to maintain professional landscapes.

Do well while doing good

Initial planting costs represent a shrinking percentage of the total cost of production.

Mirimichi Green’s life-cycle costing aims to deliver products and programs that reduce the total cost of production by targeting significant reductions in ongoing costs like repairs, chemical inputs, labor, and water.

In addition to gains in growing efficiency, Mirimichi Green products recover valuable nutrients from waste streams and turn them into high-performing products that store carbon in the soil, reduce runoff, and promote more stress-tolerant growth.


CarbonizPN® Soil Enhancer

CarbonizPN is a soil amendment blend of proprietary carbon-rich biochar and premium organics. CarbonizPN creates the perfect home for root establishment, healthy biology, and permanently improves soil structure. When you incorporate CarbonizPN into your soil, you’re not only adding a high-quality carbon that changes the soil’s profile, you are creating a soil structure that is capable of holding air and water. This is going to keep the soil aerobic and help with problems like compaction. It is also going to hold on to and store nutrients.

Key Product Benefits:

  • Permanently improves water holding capacity
  • Aerates soils and reduces compaction
  • Reduces inputs of fertilizers and chemicals
  • Optimizes pH
  • Provides a permanent home for biology
  • Sustainable natural and safe

Liquid Fertilizers

There are fertilizers and then there are Mirimichi Green’s Release products – Nutri-Release, Release 9-0-1C, and Release Zero.

Release series products can be used as stand-alone products or as a component in any maintenance program. Release products contain over 70 micro-nutrients and trace elements and due to Mirimichi Green’s proprietary manufacturing process, they have a very low molecular weight. These products will help chelate existing, but unavailable nutrients in the soil, making them available to the plant as needed.

All formulas contain liquid carbon and organic compounds that are readily consumable by soil biology and resistant to decomposition. The unique bio-stimulants with patent-pending nanotechnology offer the necessary nutrients to immediately boost plant growth. The amount of Nitrogen and carbon desired will determine which product should be incorporated.

All Release products are designed to optimize absorption, feed plants and surrounding biology, while helping to improve the performance of any insecticide, fungicide, and/or herbicide.

Release 9-0-1 C™ has 10% liquid carbon

Nutri-Release™ (2-0-2) has 2% liquid carbon

Release Zero™ has 10% liquid carbon

This micronized liquid carbon is the same crystallized carbon found in CarbonizPN®.

Key Product Benefits:

  • Extends nutrient availability 90-120 days
  • Rapid production of protozoa, fungi and hyphae
  • Up to 50 times more effective than Humic 6%
  • Solubilizes minerals and chelates them into plant available form
  • A natural microbial food source, bio-surfactant and nutrient stabilizer
  • 30% by volume organic-based blend of microbial fermentation extracts

Granular Fertilizers

Sigma Organic Fertilizer Powered by Mirimichi Green

Powered by Mirimichi Green

In addition to Mirimichi Green branded products, Mirimichi Green supports strategic partners like Sigma Agri-Science through the joint development of certain products. To identify products using our technology, look for the “Powered by Mirimichi Green” seal on product labels and packaging.