Increase Crop Production
and Quality

In the past, commercial growers have reached for conventional, chemical fertilizers to achieve their goals. Through advancements in organic fertilizers and supplements, such as Sigma’s 100% organic granular and liquid biostimulants, growers in the greenhouse market can achieve increased yields without compromising the health of the soil, making it the best organic fertilizer for greenhouse plants.

Providing The Perfect Balance

Sigma’s products can improve your greenhouse operations by increasing nutritional values, which in turn will optimize yield potentials for years to come, not matter the growing environment.

Sigma fertilizers also provide a perfect balance of N-P-K, calcium, iron, trace minerals, and other micronutrients. Nutrients are key to soil and plant health. However, our beneficial microorganisms break down organic matter and make them more available to the plant. Our organic fertilizers and liquid biostimulants improve soil structure and allow oxygen and moisture to penetrate the soil which also impacts the effectiveness of water management.

Proven Results

Sigma’s products are proven to improve your crop production and quality with organic ingredients. The picture above demonstrates how effective Sigma agriscience is in a greenhouse setting. On the left is a greenhouse operation that has not used any of our products, and on the right is crops grown with Sigma agriscience. The results speak for themselves.
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